Your Local Mr Handy charges a flat booking rate for the first hour of labour only £35.00 plus vat, which is taken by our secure Handy Pay credit/debit card system over the phone, and prior to a operative being dispatched to your property. We then can dispatch an operative to your property. Once we have expended any labour time after the first hour at your property we charge a standard flat rate of only £14.50 plus vat for each half hour thereafter, and until we leave the job.

We also offer a 10% labour discount on your first booking!

The operative at your property then once the job or days work has been completed will then raise an invoice, and you are 100% satisfied the works and charges are correct, he will then take a further credit/debit card payment for the labour, and materials used up to that point via our secure mobile Handy Pay credit/debit card “Chip & Pin” system machine. You will then receive both an electronic invoice for the works completed, and a credit/debit card receipt.

Minimum time per appointment is 1 hour. After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis.

We can also offer estimates for larger jobs if necessary.

No. Unlike most contractors who give you over inflated estimates, that are nearly in all cases  loaded in the favour of the contractor, with every possible conceivable item of material quoted, even if that material is not even used, and the labour calculated on a full day basis, plus travel to and from the job, along with other hidden items. Mr Handy simply charges a standard flat rate hourly rate for the time incurred carrying out work whilst at your property. Thus giving you total control of the costs, and giving you the best, and most honest value for money job possible.

We only accept payment by either credit or Debit card with either Visa and/or Master card. Payment is taken by a secure Handy Pay System over the phone for the first hour of labour only, and all subsequent payments are then taken by our site operative with a mobile secure Handy Pay System credit card/debit card machine using “Chip and Pin” at the end of the job or day’s work prior to leaving your property. If further works are required the following day and/or on another day the same method as above is used. Simple.

Credit Card N/A to existing customers.

No, unlike most other contractors we do not charge any call out charge at all. We only charge you for the time incurred whilst at your property.

Did you get your lucky hands on a Handy discount coupon? Next time you go to make a booking, always prompt our booking team member to enter your promo code on the coupon you have. We will then plug that code into our system at the time of the booking and you’ll then be saving money. You will then need to hand this coupon to your Mr Handy operative when he arrives at your property. He will then apply the discount and/or promotion to your invoice at the end of the job. Please note that you can’t apply a coupon after making the booking.

T&Cs and minimum charges apply. Coupons cannot be combined with any other deals and/or promotions. Subject to availability.

Tipping is totally optional, if you like to leave a tip for a great job, you can do that direct to your local Mr Handy – no problems.

Yes, We are fully insured to a minimum of £2 million public liability insurance, for your complete peace of mind.

Yes, all our operatives are fully CRB / DBS security checked and screened. All operatives carry a fully photo ID verifying their details. All our Mr Handy operatives have full pride in your property and treat it just as if it was their own. We carry and use protective footwear covers and take off our boots when asked for and/or required. In most cases we will leave your property cleaner to when we found it. We have respect for your property.


Yes, we offer a “No Quibble” 12 month Handy Happiness labour guarantee from the date your job was completed. Materials are backed up by the supplier and/or manufacturers guarantee that is applicable. We however cannot give any guarantee for any materials that you may provide to us to use at your property. This is all part of our Handy Happyiness Guarantee.


Your happiness is our goal. Under our 100% Handy Happiness Guarantee, if you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

We will be sorry to hear that your Mr Handy service didn’t live up to your expectations. We set very high standards, and all of our operatives on our platform are meant to provide awesome quality customer service & customer experience.

Please be sure to rate your operative at the time of the visit to your property with our Handy Happiness customer feedback review card that we leave with you, so that our quality control Happiness System will be improved to ensure your expectations are fully met next time.

If you’d like, you can also reach out to our customer experience team to explain the issue in detail.


We carry out all manner of jobs. Big, small, popular, outdoor, indoor, smelly, messy and everything in-between! Just take a look out our list of services to find out more.

Our Local My Handy has a vast array of specialist tools, and equipment to carry out most tasks. He arrives at your property in a distinctive, and well stocked van that is fully racked out with a small workshop and various assorted tools. However in some certain cases specialist tools, plant or equipment may be required for a specialist area of work at your property, so we can then supply these items (i e special scaffolding, or access equipment for a unusual situation or location at your property) This will be supplied, and a surcharge will be charged and any delivery costs in line with the supplier for these items. 

No, Mr Handy will come with all the necessary tools to complete your job. Please ensure you let your local Mr Handy know of any specifics ahead of time.

You can either provide your own materials, and or parts for the job, that we will use and install on your behalf, or we can provide all the required materials from either our well stocked vehicles or from a choice of suitable trade suppliers. Any materials that we are required to source, and or correctly select to best give you the right item, and price for the job will be charged on your invoice at the end of the day of work/job.

We are a local Handyman Service Company that works local and also nationwide, all as required and requested to suit our customers needs. No matter where you live, Mr Handy has you covered! Please contact us to find out more.

All our local Mr Handy operatives arrive in a very distinctive liveried Mr Handy vehicle that has an advanced integrated enhanced vehicle storage system especially designed to increase efficiency, store stock and avoid damages to stock, parts and or equipment. Our operatives do not need to waste time hunting for that necessary part in a van that looks like the contents of a skip, like you find with all other unprofessional contractors. All of our vans are fully fitted out with crash tested bespoke professional in vehicle storage systems. Therefore enabling parts, tools and equipment to be stored, found and used efficiently saving you time and money on the job. We even carry our own first aid facilities, fire extinguisher, and hand wash stations. Our operatives have great pride in their vehicle, contents and appearance which follows through to the same exacting standards for your property.


Mr Handy is local and professional. You can see some of the Mr Handy reviews and ratings before you make a booking.

After you’ve made your booking, Mr Handy will send you an email and message confirming the time and date of your appointment. You can also contact Mr Handy with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our customer service team provides the majority of our support by email, and you can use our contact form to get in touch. However, we do respond to urgent issues via our National freephone number. If you do prefer to contact us that way, you can call 0800 009 6567.

Absolutely! Just give Mr Handy at least 24 hours notice and we will reschedule for you. Mr Handy will automatically credit the booking/1st hour fee to your account if canceled before the 24 hours notice period. The refund takes 3-7 days to be processed.

Mr Handy service is very flexible, however we do have some rules.

We understand that schedules change, but rescheduling a booking on short notice cause Mr Handy to lose valuable work. Therefore, fees apply when bookings are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your booking start time. If this occurs, we will not refund the booking/1st hour fee. If you cancel before the final 24 hours, there is no cancellation charge and you will be refunded.

Generally, we work Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am-12noon, but we are flexible and understand how important it is to meet your objectives and busy lifestyles – we will work 24/7 if you need! There may of course be additional costs for these extra hours.

We can work 24 / 7 if required to suit your needs, and requirements. However (subject to any vouchers, and or promotions we may be running) our standard hours of work are Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm. Technically we never close, and we can do anything for anybody. However to cover the evening, weekends and or Bank Holiday periods we charge a small additional charge. This is 30% for any hours outside the times detailed above, and 50% for Sundays, and or Bank Holidays.